Recovering an old (ancient) Drupal 5 site (part 3)

Some coding later I have a simple page with text and pictures:

I can’t figure out a way to get the menu back, but as it ain’t too many posts I will tag the posts manually and use for a menu. That’s the subject for the next posts, for now I’m satisfied with being able to read all the posts again 🙂

When looking more at the posts small problems occured. One of them was that some posts showed up without newlines. The text was all in one long line, almost impossible to read 🙂
But when looking at the texts in the database, through PhpMyAdmin, the newlines were there. So a solution should be possible, hopefully without writing some Javascript that analyzes the text and use a trained AI engine to fix it.
The solution turned out to be simple, as I found out about the css tag white-space. With a line like this…

<span style="white-space: pre;">  

… the white-spaces from the original string is preserved. Adding this to the code solved the problem, and the texts are much more readable. Great!

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