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  • Simplified 3D printing process

    When I do a 3D print I use to start with downloading a design from Thingiverse or some other page. Sometimes I also design my own things, then I use

  • Husqvarna API landing page

  • EspOledTemp – A C# companion

    The EspOledTemps main display is the physical display, and as we can see in the presentation it also has a built in webserver that can present the values in a browser. These values are also sent to the network via MQTT, and can be used in all applications that can handle this protocol. To visualize…

  • Starting over

    There was some trouble with my web host, and some content on this page were lost. So this blog is a bit empty right now, but I will create more content gradually.

  • EspOledTemp

    EspOledTemp is a little hardware device that I have built and designed myself. The goal has been to create a showcase for my knowledge in mainly electronics and programming. The base for this build is a NodeMCU, a Soc based on ESP8266. It has a sensor for temperature and humidity connected, a HTU21D module. It…