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  • In the beginning there was SourceForge

    In the beginning there was SourceForge

    Things come and go. Once Lunarstorm was the place to go to, and Napster was in charge of the music. Then came Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and today TikTok is very popular. In the software community the changes hasn’t bee…

  • Recovering an old (ancient) Drupal 5 site (part 3)

    Some coding later I have a simple page with text and pictures:

  • Recovering an old (ancient) Drupal 5 site (part 2)

    So, if you can’t import the data from the Drupal site to a new installation as we tried in part 1, what do we do? Well, I have access to the Sql database, so why not extract the important data and use it in a custom page? I started by exporting the data as sql […]

  • Recovering an old (ancient) Drupal 5 site

    Since the dawn of time I worked on my personal homepage, Sadly, what I didn’t do, was upgrade the Drupal installation. Not a good thing to do. It’s insecure, and almost impossible to upgrade now that the installation is like 15 years old. Now I got to the point where the page didn’t work […]

  • Pi Pico W – easier programming

    Disconnect, push a button and reconnect. Drag the compiled file to the Pico’s mass storage area in the file manager. Watch how the code works. The above is not a very efficient way of developing. I want to make changes and then just push a button or (better) use a keyboard combo to see how […]

  • Raspberry Pi Pico W

    There are a lot of small cpu cards on the market. Since the launch of the Arduino the market has grown, and today there is a lot to choose from. In the latest years the ESP8266 has been very popular. Reasons for this includes that it has sufficient resources, hardware for WiFi and maybe the […]

  • Husqvarna API landing page

  • EspOledTemp – A C# companion

    The EspOledTemps main display is the physical display, and as we can see in the presentation it also has a built in webserver that can present the values in a browser. These values are also sent to the network via MQTT, and can be used in all applications that can handle this protocol. To visualize […]

  • Starting over

    There was some trouble with my web host, and some content on this page were lost. So this blog is a bit empty right now, but I will create more content gradually.

  • EspOledTemp

    EspOledTemp is a little hardware device that I have built and designed myself. The goal has been to create a showcase for my knowledge in mainly electronics and programming. The base for this build is a NodeMCU, a Soc based on ESP8266. It has a sensor for temperature and humidity connected, a HTU21D module. It […]