Företaget Paheco ägs och drivs av mig, Patrik Hermansson. Det är beläget strax utanför Grästorp, mittemellan Lidköping och Trollhättan. Företaget sysslar med IT- och datorrelaterade uppgifter, bland annat programmering. Jag är även en erfaren skribent med tusentals artiklar publicerade i tidningen Datormagazin under 20 år.

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  • Simplified 3D printing process

    When I do a 3D print I use to start with downloading a design from Thingiverse or some other page. Sometimes I also design my own things, then I use One of these days…

    …when everything goes wrong. Late last night the Home Assistant app in my phone started to not answer. The reason behind this error? Well, the Home Assistant computer had failed. Maybe no surprise as it is built of old stuf…

  • In the beginning there was SourceForge

    Things come and go. Once Lunarstorm was the place to go to, and Napster was in charge of the music. Then came Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and today TikTok is very popular. In the software community the changes hasn’t bee…

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